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Afragårdens Bianca (t)    SUCH
Akari (h)     SUCH
Albert of Lovely (h)    INTUCH NORDUCH     
Alvretens Amai (t)     SUCH FIUCH
Alvretens Beo-Zong (h)    INTUCH NORDUCH
Alvretens Bey-Zlody (t)    SUCH FIUCH 
Alvretens Cherry-Chan (t)     SUCH NUCH 
Alvretens Eminette (t)    SUCH 
Alvretens Fuji (h)    SUCH
Alvretens Izumi (h)    SUCH
Alvretens Jojo (h)    LP
Alvretens Juana (t)    SUCH FIUCH 
Alvretens Lucky-Lord (h)    SUCH FIUCH 
Alvretens Miwaku (h)    SUCH FIUCH 
Alvretens Nozomi (t)    INTUCH NORDUCH 
Alvretens Ririshii (h)    SUCH
Alvretens Speedy (h)     SUCH
Alvretens Ura-Wakai (h)     NORDUCH 
Alvretens Xendi (t)     SUCH NUCH LP 
Alvretens Ömicko (h)     SUCH
Amir (h)     SUCH
Amorinens Mikado (h)    SUCH NUCH
Amorinens Tomiko (h)    SUCH NUCH
Amorinens White Lady (t)    LP1
Andoleason of Golden Meadow (h)      INTUCH NORDUCH
Anjin (h)    SUCH
Aramis (h)    LP
Askungens Little Athlete (h)    SUCH
Athena Leilani of Aloha Land (t)    
Athigrib's White Wild Chic (t)     SUCH
Athigrib's White Wild Eko (h)     SUCH

Bastängens Ami (t)     SUCH
Bastängens Jojjo (h)     NORDUCH NORDV-97 SV-97
Bastängens Kickan (h)    SUCH SV-99
Beatrice di Paranor (t)          INTUCH NORDUCH FIUCH
Ben-Kai (h)     SUCH
Vallbyviks Beo-San (h)     NORDUCH NORDV-80
Bianca (t)    SUCH
Big Foots Yapanese Snow-Fling (t)     NORDUCH
Big Foots Yapanese Snow-Schersmin (t)    SUCH
Bilke of Summit Field (h)          NORDUCH
Solvingas Boi-Yume (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Bogeyman Ever Smiling (h)           SUCH
Bullet Fancy of Nedory (t)           INTUCH NORDUCH

Casiamirs Adeyakka (h)     SUCH
Casiamirs White-Poppet (h)     SUCH

Ceholms White Anthony (h)     SUCH NUCH
Ceholms White Bear (h)     SUCH FIUCH SLCH
Ceholms White Prince (h)    SUCH NUCH
Ceholms White Shirofuji (h)    SUCH
Cehoms Yarumi (t)    SUCH NUCH
Chezzay's Annie The Almighty (t)      SUCH NUCH NORDV-06'07 SV-06 KBHV-07 NORDJV-06
Chha Do Flipp (h)     SUCH
Confettie's Fantasia (t)     SUCH
Confettie's Flash Gordon (h)     SUCH
Confettie's Iwanhoe (h)     SUCH
Confettie's Knock Down (h)     SUCH LP
Confettie's Lace Ronja (t)     SUCH
Confettie's Pretty Woman (t)    
Confettie's Showérs Robin (h)    
Confettie's Spirit of Candy (t)     NORDUCH NUCH

Confettie's Sweet Felicia (t)     SUCH
Confettie's Tyson (h)   
Confettie's White Dream (t)    
Confettie's Workman (h)    
Cool Candy's Dirty Harry (h)     LP
Cool Candy's Chinchilla (t)     LP

Dai-Itchaku (h)     SUCH FINUCH
Dai-Yubi (t)    LP
Daniel of Rose Garden (t)          INTUCH NORDUCH
Delight-Dream (t)     LP
Solvingas  Denki-Mas (h)    SUCH NUCH
Double-Dream (h)    SUCH

Emil (h)    SUCH
Enfloy'z Floy (h)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH
Enfloy'z Gingis Khan D'Kenzo (h)    SUCH FIUCH
Enfloy'z Kewin The Grandson of Floy (h)     SUCH SV-01
Enfloy'z Kidoo The Northern Star (h)     SUCH
Enfloy'z La'Diva Name of The Game (t)     SUCH SAG(hopp) SAGCH
Enfloy'z Naijk The Charmant Prince (h)    SUCH
Enfloy'z Northern Cozmoz D'Charmant (h)     NORDUCH INTUCH NORDJV-03
Enfloy'z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady (t)     SUCH FIUCH NORDJV-03 WW-08
Enfloy'z Oeddie Xellent Like Floy (h)     SUCH FIUCH

Enkais Chilina (t)     SUCH
Enkais Chimitzu (h)     SUCH
Enkais Chiwa (t)     SUCH
Enkais Goliat (h)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH
Enkais M-Asai (h)     NORDUCH NORDV-85
Enkais Yoiokobu (h)     SUCH
Enkais Yomise (t)     NORDUCH
Enkais Yoroshiku (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH

Feliks (h)    SUCH
Frostabäckens Tojo (h)    SUCH DKUCH KBHV-99
Frosty-Ice (h)    SUCH NUCH
Fröboda's White-Ackiro (h)    SUCH
Fujimiland Baby Ramale (h)        INTUCH NORDUCH NORDV-78

Goldbrick's Dazzle (t)          SUCH DKUCH
Gråtorpets White Japanika (t)     SUCH
Gråtorpets White Lahpaloma (t)     SUCH
Gråtorpet's White Luciana (t)     NORDUCH
Gråtorpet's White Merrimac (h)    SUCH
Gråtorpets White Rex (h)     SUCH
Gråtorpets White Whimsical (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Gråtorpets White Why Not (t)     SUCH FIUCH
Gråtorpets White Wild Flower (t)     SUCH
Gråtorpets White Xingo (h)     SUCH
Gullspira's Tasselago (h)     SUCH
Gunways White Moondust (h)     SUCH
Göttermahls Shanshan (h)          INTUCH NORDUCH

Ha Kuna Matatas Elektra (t)     SUCH
Hawk of Kagestu Land (h)          INTUCH NORDUCH
Hinoki's Kimitaki (h)     SUCH
Hinoki's Shorei (h)     LP
Hinoki's Shou-Shou (h)     SUCH
Hover of Kagestu Land (h)          INTUCH NORDUCH
Hult Haga's Minoo (h)     SUCH

Idéfix (h)    SUCH
Isumi's Shiro Chi Kara Corey (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH EUW-04
Isumi's Shiro Kingu O'Asagi (h)     SUCH

Japax Emily (t)     SUCH 
Japax Geisha (t)     SUCH 
Japax Gilbert (h)     SUCH 
Japax Great-Gigolo (h)     SUCH FIUCH
Japax Henrietta (t)     SUCH 
Japax Hirohito (h)     SUCH 
Japax Isabell (t)     SUCH 
Japax Meliza (t)     SUCH 
Japax Nicole (t)     SUCH  
Japax Queenie (t)     SUCH 
Japax Unni (t)     SUCH 
Japax Ura-Wakai (h)     SUCH 
Jappelinas Beach Boy (h)    SUCH
Jappelinas Bonbon Candy (t)     SUCH FIUCH
Jappetit's Birk (h)    SUCH
Jappetit's Elliot of Floy (h)     SUCH
Jappetit's Elvira of Floy to Noiden (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Jappetit's Emma of Floy (t)    SUCH NUCH
Jappetit's Enzho of Floy (h)    SUCH
Jappetit's Evita of Floy (t)     SUCH
Jappetit's Floy'Ina-Lee of Floy (t)   
Jappetit's Fonzie of Floy (h)     SUCH
Jappetit's Holly of El-Expensive (t)     SUCH WW-02
Jasam's Xpensive Kiwi for Noidens (t)         SUCH
Jim-Roy's Choku (t)     NORDUCH
Jim-Roy's Dolly Parton (t)     SUCH
Jim-Roy's Emono (t)     NORDUCH
Jim-Roy's Geisha (t)     SUCH
Jim-Roy's Iroshii (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Jim-Roy's Mitzubishii (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Jim-Roy's Penjiku (h)     SUCH
Jim-Roy's Petenshi (t)     SUCH

Kannibalen's Almighty Angus (h)     SUCH NUCH
Kannibalen's Avalanche Amy (t)     SUCH NUCH
Kannibalen's Brave Sir Robin (h)     SUCH
Kimmagårdens Jiiki (h)     SUCH
Kimmagårdens Keizo Kurasu Inu (h)
Kimmagårdens Kekkoo-Inu (h)
Kimmagårdens Kokusai-Inu (h)
Kimmagårdens Mai Ting Ling (t)
Kimmagårdens Miyuki Kawaii San (t)
Kimmagårdens Takashi Kurasu Inu (h)
Kokino (h)     LP1
Kontuji's Fiore da Lise (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH FIUCH 
Kullhagas Beutiful Billy Boy (h)     SUCH
Kullhagas Beautiful Engel (t)     SUCH
Kullhagas Beautiful Kitty (t)     SUCH
Kullhagas Beautiful Nicole (t)     SUCH
Kullhagas Beautiful Orchidé (t)     SUCH
Kullhagas Beautiful Take Oh Ryan (h)     SUCH
Kullhagas Beautiful Yang (t)     SUCH
Kullhagas Great Pal (h)     SUCH
Kullhagas Pretty Queen (t)     SUCH
Kullhagas Pretty Quixot (h)     SUCH
Kullhagas Subarasii Otoko (h)     SUCH

Lady-Jasmine (t)     SUCH LP
Lillsidans Asian Girl (t)     SUCH
Lucky Lip's Fatima (t)

Malmbos Casimir (h)     SUCH NORDV-82
Malmbos Divona (t)     SUCH
Meiji (h)     SUCH
Mellskogen's Christmas Candy (t)     SUCH
Mellskogen's Hilmer Heartbreaker (h)     SUCH
Mellskogen's Tender Love of Floy (t)     SUCH
Mellskogen's The Baby of Floy (t)     NORDUCH
Mellskogen's Walk to Be A Star (h)     SUCH
Metras Amulette-Pearl (t)     SUCH
Metras Anemon-White (t)     SUCH NUCH
Miltonia's Gisiki (t)     SUCH
Mishima (t)
Moalit'z Buttichello (h)     SUCH NUCH
Moalit'z Cezar Sanchai (h)    SUCH
Moalit'z Chirma The White Pearl (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Moalit's Gizmo The Good (h)    SUCH EEUCH NUCH
Moalit'z Hedda Hearth (t)     LP1
Moalit'z Hugo Highspirted (h)     SUCH NUCH SV-06 LTUCH EUW-08
Moalitz Jinko The Jewel (h)    SUCH
Mor idas Heidie (t)    SUCH

Noblewhite Great Finn Girl (t)          RUSCH
Noidens Artisk Arvetjalmie (t)     LP1
Noidens Geisha Gomasuri (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Noidens Ghia Gomasuri (t)     SUCH
Noidens Hana (t)     NORDUCH
Noidens Hokorasii (h)     SUCH
Noidens Kagutsuchii (h)    SUCH
Noidens Kwannon for Rowleys (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH SV-01
Noidens Lady Di (t)     SUCH
Noidens Pikachu (t)     SUCH
Noidens Right On Time (h)    INTUCH NORDUCH NORDV-03 SV-03'08
Noidens Xpectant Vanilla Ice (t)     SUCH
Noidens White Zimba of Hana (h)     SUCH NUCH FIUCH INTUCH

Odakim's Aka-Katai Kawai (h)     SUCH
Odakim's Mikiaki (h)
Onna (t)    LP
Ostara of M Early Summer JP (t)          SUCH

Rowleys Big Little Fellow (h)     SUCH FINUCH SV-92 LP 
Rowleys Escapades Forever (h)     SUCH
Rowleys Freedom Fighter (h)     SUCH
Rowleys Full of Fun (t)     NORDUCH
Rowleys Jack Frost (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Rowleys Just Justin (h)    
Rowleys King of The Hill (h)     SUCH
Rowleys Lady Pearl (t)     SUCH
Rowleys Linus-Line (h)    SUCH
Rowleys Neon Flash (t)    
Rowleys Omar Sharif (h)     SUCH FIUCH
Rowleys Oriental Pearl to Isumi's (t)    
Rolweys Paler Shade of White (h)     NORDUCH INTUCH NORDV-04

Rowleys Party Diva (t)    
Rowleys Sailor Moon (t)    
Rowleys Snow Queen (t)     SUCH
Rowleys Pride'N'Joy (t)    
Rowleys Touch of Magic (t)    
Rowleys Winner Takes It All (h)     SUCH FIUCH
Rowleys Xorro of Felix (h)     SUCH
Rowleys Xtravaganzia of Felix (t)     SUCH FIUCH
Rowleys Yama-Fuji of Joy (h)     SUCH
Rövardotterns Å-Kay (h)     LP1 

Samojas Sujiko (t)          SUCH
Vallbyviks San-San (t)     SUCH FIUCH
Shiromi's Akiko (t)     SUCH
Shiromi's Ato (h)     SUCH
Shiromi's Azami (t)     SUCH
Shiromi's Banzai (h)     SUCH
Shiromi's Can-Can (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Shiromi's Chan (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Shiromi's Chishiki (t)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH
Shiromi's Chusan (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Shiromi's Enkai (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Shiromi's Fukiako (t)     SUCH NUCH
Shiromi's Funpatzu (h)     SUCH NUCH
Shiromi's Kirei (h)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Shiromi's Mariko (t)     SUCH
Shiromi's Otembasan (t)     NORDUCH
Shiromi's Q-Dannohana (t)     NORDUCH
Shiromi's Q-Sakamoto (h)     SUCH NUCH LP
Shiromi's Robbyn (t)     SUCH 
Shiromi's Shima (t)     SUCH LP
Shiromi's Shinyo (t)     SUCH
Shiromi's Shinzoku (t)     SUCH
Shiromi's Shirahime (t)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH
Shiromi's Shirayuri (t)     SUCH NUCH
Shiromi's Shiro (h)     SUCH NUCH
Shiromi's Taro (h)     SUCH
Shiromi's Yakimono (h)     SUCH NUCH
Shiromi's Yin (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH
Shiromi's Yukai (h)     SUCH
Shiromi's Yukihime (t)     SUCH
Siergas Edelweiss (t)     SUCH
Siergas Smulan (t)     SUCH
Silvermånens Adeline (t)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH 
Silvermånens Alexandra (t)     SUCH
Silvermånens Emelie (t)     SUCH LP
Silvermånens Faramir (h)     SUCH
Silvermånens Frida-Li (h)     SUCH
Skellåsens Tootsie (t)          INTUCH NORDUCH
Slåboda's Another Expensive Amigo (h)     SUCH 
Slåboda's A Pretty Penny (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Aqua Vitae (h)     SUCH NUCH
Slåboda's Double Truoble (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's El-Expensive (h)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH FIUCH FINV-98 
Slåboda's Ensoo Enkai (h)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Gagaku (t)     SUCH JWW-98 NORDV-99 
Slåboda's Gigolo (h)     SUCH NUCH SV-93 NV-93 
Slåboda's Here Comes Trouble (h)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Iry League (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Jeanne D'Arc (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Kojiki (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Kyoto-San (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Moonlight Lady (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH SV-89 
Slåboda's Orion Bellatrix (t)     INTUCH NORDUCH SV-00'02'04'05 FINV-01 NORDV-03 VWW-08 
Slåboda's Quality Baby (h)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Queen Elizabeth (t)     SUCH NUCH
Slåboda's Raticate (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Rhydon Horn (h)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Rhyhorn Pokémon (h)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Victory Challenge (h)     NORDUCH 
Slåboda's Yoshiko (t)     SUCH 
Slåboda's Zilver Bow (h)     NORDUCH 
Snäcktavik's Akiguchi (h)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH SV-90'91 NORDV-95 
Snäcktavik's Siroi Zeikin (h)     NORDUCH 
Solvingas Fujin-Inu (t)     SUCH 
Solvingas Fun-Iki (h)     SUCH 
Solvingas Hisashi-Burini (h)     SUCH 
Solvingas Jika Ni-Keki (t)     SUCH 
Solvingas Li-Taiko (h)     SUCH 
Solvingas Q-Nichi (h)     SUCH 
Soniva's E-The White Fujiuyama (h)          SUCH NUCH 
Soniva's Evita Girl (t)          INTUCH SUCH NUCH 
Stareek's Dione (t)     SUCH 
Stjärnsmällens Madame-Mim (t)     SUCH 
Sukiyaki (t)     SUCH NUCH 

Take Oh of Yokohama Takada (h)          INTUCH DKUCH 
Tervis White Domino for Askungen (h)     SUCH NUCH 
Tinto's Bobby-Action (h)     SUCH
Tinto's Bruce-The-Boss (h)     SUCH
Tinto's E'shendo (h)    
Tinto's Ellie On Time To Noiden (t)     SUCH
Tinto's Guns'N'Roses (h)     SUCH
Tinto's Hi'Shimano Japonica (t)     SUCH
Tinto's Hiroshima Mishima (t)     SUCH
Tinto's Lady Madonna (t)     SUCH
Tinto's Miss Take Oh Love (t)     LP1
Tinto's Neonlight Ninja (t)     NORDUCH FIUCH JWW-98 
Tinto's Pictures of You (h)     SUCH NORDV-99 SV-00 
Tinto's Power of Love (h)     SUCH
Tinto's Quite Like A Fire of Floy (h)     SUCH
Titti (t)          SUCH NUCH
Tom Puss White Lady (t)     SUCH
Tropisk White of Filippa (t)     SUCH DKUCH 

Vallbyviks Bear-San (h)    INTUCH NORDUCH 
Vallbyviks Frenchy (t)     SUCH FIUCH 
Vallbyviks Ida (h)     SUCH
Vallbyviks Jip (h)     SUCH
Vallbyviks Pierrot (h)     SUCH
Vallbyviks Yko-Nio (h)     SUCH
Vesslans Hachiro (h)     SUCH
Vesslans Samaraya (t)     SUCH
Vitagårdens Clinton Penjiku (h)     SUCH
Vitagårdens Laa Mörsy von Elf (t)     SUCH
Vitagårdens Mini Clinton von Elf (h)     SUCH FIUCH
Vitagårdens Silver Baron von Elf (h)     SUCH
Vitagårdens Wonder Boy von Elf (h)     SUCH SV-04
Vita Ligans Blondie (t)     SUCH

Waljo Fox (h)     SUCH NUCH
Wasaki (h)     INTUCH SUCH
White Clan's Miko (h)     SUCH
White Clan's Mitziko (t)     SUCH
White Clan's Oona (t)     SUCH
White Clan's Shinji (h)     SUCH
White Clan's Shisey (t)     SUCH
White-Milaie (t)     SUCH
Wickeauty Billy Barnaby (h)         SUCH
Wickeauty Snow-Boy (h)         INTUCH SUCH NUCH NV-89
Wisexs Anni (t)     SUCH NUCH
Wisexs Don't Bug Me (h)     SUCH NUCH
Wisexs Hot-Vickie (t)     SUCH
Wisexs Ichi (t)     SUCH
Wisexs Kelvin (h)     SUCH
Wisexs Knasen (h)     INTUCH SUCH NUCH
Wisexs Lea-Key (h)     SUCH
Wisexs Mysan of Yochi (t)     SUCH FIUCH
Wisexs Udo (h)     SUCH
Wisexs Ull-Tuss (t)     SUCH
Wisexs Una (t)     SUCH
Wisexs Ur-Go (h)     SUCH
Wisexs Ur-Söt (t)     SUCH

Yarumi's Goza (t)     SUCH
Yarumi's Hachiro (h)      SUCH
Yarumi's Nagano (h)     SUCH LP