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Agrarium Najimi No Naios (FI)   FIUCH SUCH  
Bogeyman Ever Smiling    
Chezzay's Annie The Almighty     SUCH NUCH NORDV-06'07 SV-06 KBHV-07 NORDJV-06
Enfloy'z Northern Cozmoz D'Charmant     INTUCH NORDUCH NORDJV-03 
Enfloy'z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady     SUCH FIUCH NORDJV-03 WW-08 
Enfloy'z Oeddie Xellent Like Floy     SUCH FIUCH
Isumi's Shiro Eiheiji Tanbo
(N)     SUCH NUCH 
Jean V Rollenden Haus (FI)     SUCH KBHV-08 INTUCH FIUCH EECH RUCH JWW-02 (FIN)
Moalitz Hugo Highspirited      SUCH NUCH LTUCHSV-06 EUW-08 
Moalitz Jinko The Jewel     SUCH
Noblewhite Classy Casanova (FI)     FIUCH  SUCH
Noidens Lady Di     SUCH
Noidens Right On Time     INTUCH NORDUCH NORDV-03 SV-03 SV-08
Noidens White Zimba of Hana     SUCH NUCH FIUCH INTUCH
Ostara of M Early Summer JP     SUCH
Rowleys Sailor Moon    INTUCH NORDUCH SV-08
Rowleys Touch of Magic     NORDUCH NV-07 
Rowleys Xorro of Felix     SUCH
Sitola's Towada of Mojjo     NUCH DKUCH SUCH
Slåboda's Orion Bellatrix     INTUCH NORDUCH FINV-01 NORDV-03 SV-00-02-04-05 VWW-08
Slåboda's Victory Challenge     SUCH DKUCH FIUCH
Wisexs Kelvin     SUCH

Enfloy'z La'Diva Name of The Game     SAGCH SAG(HOPP)CH SUCH 

Noidens Artisk Arvetjalmie     LPI